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  Are You Facing A Huge Septic Repair Bill?
Don't pay $5,000 to $30,000 to install a new system! 
We can save you up to 80% by restoring your existing tank
and leach field - without digging!
(Approved for new and existing septic systems.)  - 888-511-5400 -

Can Gold Fish Really Live With A Pirana?   

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                      What is a Pirana?

Our Pirana is not a fish! It is a Patented, American Made Product That Permanently Fixes 95% of all Septic System Problems…Guaranteed! (View our certification.)

We complete the install in a single day -

How Does Pirana Work? Pirana creates an oxygen-rich environment  in the tank that enables a special blend of gunk-eating microbes to digest and break down virtually all organic matter in the tank. This people friendly and environmentally safe bacteria then eats all the stinky slime and acids that caused problems in the first place.

Next It clarifies and purifies the effluent flowing into the drain field, where the bacteria eat up the slimy biomat plugging the leach field. This process works constantly, and permanently prevents the slime from ever forming again

New! Bacteria PUC contains 40 times the bacteria of the old-style bag.

To install the new Bacteria PUC simply open the septic tank and drop the PUC into the tank next to the Pirana.

As the PUC dissolves bacteria, enzymes and nutrients are released into the tank over a two to three week period, with the bacteria taking up residence inside the Pirana. This slow-dissolve method of releasing bacteria and enzymes  over an extended time frame is a vastly superior method of introducing bacteria into a hostile environment.

We recommend that you refresh the bacteria in your system every 12 to 18 months to insure you have a robust bacteria colony.

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