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Don't pay $5,000 to $30,000 to install a new system! 
We can save you up to 80% by restoring your existing tank
and leach field - without digging!
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             1. What is a leach field?
             2. What causes a leach field to fail?
             3. Can you fix it without digging?





What is a leach field?

A leach field (or drain field) is a network of trenches with perforated pipes surrounded by rock or gravel then covered by backfill. Here's a typical leach field connected to a septic tank, which in turn is connected to a house:

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What causes a leach field to fail?

Liquid effluent flowing from the septic tank carries intestinal bacteria into the leach field, seeping into the soil pores where they secrete mucal slime. This slime is called biomat.

As this "bad" bacteria migrate further into the soil, the area of the biomat thickens. The biomat begins to inhibit the passage of liquid through it. Eventually less liquid can be absorbed by the drain field each day than the daily amount of liquid entering the septic system. Here's what happens when biomat clogs up a leach field:

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Can you fix it without digging?

Yes! Our patented system grows a different kind of bacteria that is environmentally safe. As our "good" bacteria grows it kills the "bad" bacteria that creates the biomat. When our bacteria flows into the leach field it dissolves the biomat, gradually restoring drainage though the soil.

Once drainage is restored, the Pirana Aerobic Bateria Generator that we installed in your septic tank will keep your system clog free, forever more!

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* Certain factors are beyond Pirana's ability to remedy, including structural problems, broken or clogged leach lines, the collapse of  tanks previously weakend by years of corrosive gas, etc. These items must be repaired before we can commence any remediation efforts.


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